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In the heart of the Midwest of the United States is the city of Chicago, a bustling metropolis with some of the best dining and sights in the entire country. One of the most populated cities in the US, it is home to some of the largest buildings and best cultural sites in the country. From its museums to bustling marketplaces, people come from all around the world to see just what the city has to offer. On the list of the best cities to visit in the United States, Chicago has something for everyone and it is known for being very affordable.

Here you will find some of the best five star restaurants and hotels in the county. One of the few places to witness all four seasons, no matter when you visit, there will be something to do and it will be right up your alley. If you would rather curl up with a book there are plenty of hotels and cultural places where you can just kick back and enjoy some alone time. For those that like going out, there is a vibrant nightlife in the city that is unmatched by any other in the world. This is why people continue to come here and oftentimes stay here.

Chicago culture

The museums in Chicago are considered some of the best in the world and feature exhibits of artists from all over the country and the world. Here you will find works from some of the most famous contemporary and historical artists and the city is designed to make your stay educational and memorable. Come see some of the best music venues, where legendary bands have played and many call the city their home. No matter who you are, you will find that Chicago has everything that you would ever want in a city.