We are here to serve the city of Chicago with the best sewer repair and trenchless sewer in the city and in the state. We are a collective of specialists who have been at work in the sewer industry for more than 30 years. During this time we have given a lot of thought into how to improve the infrastructure in the city and giving people the best repair and installation in the city. This is our passion and is something that we have been doing for so long that we believe that we have some insights into how the city works and what we can do to improve the sewer system and Chicago tourism as a whole.

Like many large cities, the sewer in Chicago is in pretty rough shape. It is not necessarily the fault of the city, but the infrastructure was built so long ago that it is deteriorating just because of how old it is. There has not been enough money to build new infrastructure, and the jobs that build these things are dwindling as we speak. This is the reason for the decaying nature of the pipes and sewer systems, and until something changes, there is not much we can do about it except find new ways to adapt in terms of culture of the city.

Adapting to the sewer changes

We must find cheaper ways to fix sewers just because it is the only way to make our job financially viable. We cannot work with old sewers without a bit more cost, but it is cheaper than building new systems. Much of our experience comes from small neighborhood jobs, and we have only recently broken into large scale sewer repair and installation, but we believe that it is a good fit for us. The reason for this is because we have been listening to our customers for years and they demand that we come up with new ideas to fix systems that are old and that have been leaking for awhile.

So because we started on such a small scale, we have been able to apply our situations to a lower degree to larger systems. We have been using cutting edge technology to fix small scale projects an it turns out that it works for large scale projects as well. This has put us in such a place where we are able to give people the best large scale solutions available as we hope for the infrastructure to experience the large overhaul that it needs. We cannot imagine working on such systems without the advancements that we have, and we hope that the rest of the drain cleaning industry catches up.

Trenchless repair

Trenchless repair has been a godsend simply because we have been able to reduce our costs while doing larger projects and city culture. We have been able to do this because we have worked with and have remained in contact with these commercial contractors on a number of projects, who are among the most reputable in the city. Partnering up with them has allowed us to learn the ins and outs of commercial buildings and their surroundings which has made our staff efficient and effective at what we do. Without needing to dig up the surrounding area, we have opened the door for many projects that allow us to continue our work at a fast pace without needing to spend money on digging equipment. It is also easier for our customers since we do not have to disrupt their lives as we fix the pipes under the ground. This is the biggest step to improving sewer care in the city and we are hoping that new technology allows us to continue to do our work without costs rising too far, maybe you might even need water damage repair.